Why pendant necklaces are more than fashion

by Belal El Ghassein April 07, 2017

Why pendant necklaces are more than fashion

Necklaces make a great gift for both men and women. Pendant necklaces are even greater gifts as you can customize them to receiver's taste or personality.

Pendants are also an excellent way to express yourself, too. It can be just a fashion choice and only be part of your outfit as an accessory. Or a pendant can represent a much deeper meaning. It can express your beliefs, values, or personal traits.    

The most common pendants are the following:  the triangle, the elephant, the infinity, the evil eye and the gemstone pendants.

1. Triangle pendants

The triangle has a lot of meanings but the most known connotation is one from Christianity. In this religious belief, the triangle represents the holy trinity between Father, Son, and Spirit. The triangle position has an important sense, too. One edge of the triangle is towering upwards which represents an aspiration to the heavens. It represents a rising force, a godly figure, usually associated with a strong male coercion.

If we switch the triangle and switch it upside down then it represents the earth element of water. In symbolism, water is usually associated with freedom and purity.

2. Elephant pendants

The elephant pendant is universally associated with luck. But there is a belief that the trunk of the elephant has to point upwards to bring luck the bearer of the pendant. Whether is truth or not, we don’t know! If you are buying an elephant pendant as a gift we suggest you go with an elephant symbol that has the trunk in the upward position, just in case.

3. Infinity pendants

Obviously, the infinity symbol is a powerful representation which is recognized worldwide. It stems from the greek culture who used this symbol to represent the never ending aspect of time. Although the roots of the infinity symbol come from ancient times, the still has a powerful meaning in the 21st century.

4. Evil eye pendants

The evil eye pendant is an interesting symbol. In many cultures, the evil eye is a symbol that represents misfortune and bad spirits. In order to somebody protect themselves from these malevolent forces, one has to wear a talisman that is called, evil eye, as well.

One important to remember about this symbol is to never offer it as a gift. It means you want something bad to happen to that person. So, only purchase an evil eye pendant for yourself.


5. Heart shaped pendants

The heart symbol has a simple and universally known meaning: love. Heart pendants make a great gift for loved ones and spouses. However, the most interesting fact about this token is that it only represents compassion since the Middle Ages. Before that era, the heart symbol stood for Jesus and his love. That is why during the 16th century, in England, when Valentine’s day become a national holiday, the obvious choice for the new holiday was the heart.

6. Gemstone pendants

If you are looking for a gift and you want to go beyond aesthetics and fashion, gemstone bracelets and pendants are a great way to symbolize your message and intent. There is a huge variety of gemstones available on the market. To make it easier for you select the right gemstones we have created not one, not two… but three mini-guides which explain the origins and meanings of each gemstone we have in store here at Pearl In Oyster.

Now you know that getting a pendant is not only about aesthetics. It is about representing your beliefs and maybe even more. When you search for a pendant necklace gift, make sure you send the right message through your gift.

Belal El Ghassein
Belal El Ghassein


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