What your girlfriend actually wants as a gift

by Belal El Ghassein April 21, 2017

What your girlfriend actually wants as a gift

We know it’s not that time of the year but we think this blog post can help men regardless of the season. Whether it’s her birthday, Valentine’s Day, Ramadan or an anniversary, gentlemen know they need to step up the game.

Gentlemen, buckle up! We put together this list of girl gifts which will ease your worries. These ideas might work with new girlfriends but with long-term partners, as well.

Evidently, these are suggestions. But if you combine these ideas with your girlfriend’s interests and likes, the result can be an enormous surprise for her.

Without further ado, here is the list of ideas.

Love bracelet

If the relationship is brand new, only a few weeks old, you obviously do not want to overwhelm yourself and your girlfriend with a love bracelet. It might be too early to send a message like that but it depends on your situation.

A little heart shaped bracelet or heart pendant bracelet can represent a nice little gift. It’s not necessarily representing love but it could represent that the relationship can go towards that direction. Obviously, if it’s a long-term relationship this love bracelet is the perfect gift.

Personalized gift

This is a bit harder to pull off but it will definitely worth the effort. An engraved pendant can have amazing effects if you do it the right way.

When it comes to personalized gift you have to think about only her. Take yourself out of the equation. Do not get her a pendant that says your and her name, or the date of your first kiss. That is just too sleazy and if you separate she might even wear that piece because of the memories. If you think about only her, think about that she can wear that piece of jewelry for the rest of her life regardless of your relationship.

Photo frame

This sounds simple but it's so effective. A nice photo album of your adventures together can be the perfect gift for nearly every occasion.

The more effort you put in the creation of the album, the greater it becomes. So, do not run off to buy an album and print some photos from your phone and just put the pictures in randomly. Create a scrapbook type of album. Dig into old photos and create a timeline of the events.

A nice little trick is to leave the album open for more pictures and she has to continue to build the album. Involving her makes it more emotional and personal. Start gathering those photos...

Accessory with mirror

Girls love to look at themselves, that’s a fact. It’s probably genetics, we do not know but women love to see themselves.

Any accessory with a mirror can be the ideal gift for her. It can be a simple phone case, an eyeglasses case, or an actual hand mirror that she can keep in her purse. In the case of “emergencies”, she can pull it out and fix that eye-brow or re-make her lips.

Gemstone bracelets

Gemstones make an awesome gift as all stones have a meaning and a representation that go with different personality types. You can research which gemstones represents her the best and get a bracelet that fits her. To help you with this you can check out our posts about semi-precious gemstones.

Some of the stones have astrological connotations and go with certain horoscope. Researching her birthstone and giving her the story of the stone, as well, can be an unforgettable gift.


A journal is a great gift but if she does not like to write or jot down things, this idea can be a total disaster.

However, if you go for a personalized journal then you can make it special. The more effort in it, the better.


This is the last resort gift. If you are out of ideas and you do not have any time to go for something special just wrap up some candy and sweets.

Which doesn't girl like sweets? Yes, we thought so. There is none.

At the end of the day, it comes down to two you and her. You, as a boyfriend, need to come with a nice idea and put her in the center of the process. The gift is about her, not you and not you (as a couple). The more thought and effort you put in it the better your gift will be.

So, go through this list and a think about how you can make this gifting about her.

Belal El Ghassein
Belal El Ghassein


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