Unusual gifts for a manly man

by Belal El Ghassein March 10, 2017

Unusual gifts for a manly man

So, you are looking for a gift for a manly man, an alpha male, a true and true macho…. We know, it’s not easy… You don’t want to show up with a pair of socks, or a boring tie. It does not fit their personality, right? That is why you are having a tough time deciding what to get.  What gift to buy him? Maybe this list of unusual items will help you.

Decorative knives and swords

This first category is definitely not a common one to look for a gift. However, this could be the perfect gift for a macho. When we say knives and swords, we think about decorative items, not kitchen knives. These items are full of character and can match a gentleman’s taste. You can find decorative pieces in most gift stores. But if you want to go one step further and really surprise him, go to a thrift shop or an antique store and dig up an old knife. You can find even battle knives and swords which have a history that adds more to the emotional side of the gift. You polish it a bit and wrap it and you are good to go.

Pocket watches

If you want to go classy and give a classy gift, don’t look further than pocket watches. Not long ago, pocket watches were the ultimate accessory for men. They were practical and stylish, men love them. They still do. However, the emergence of wristwatches and digital gadgets, it has fallen behind the pecking order. But gentlemen know about these watches and would wear them on special occasions. It was the ultimate sophistication and modern men can make an impact showing up with a pocket watch in their possession. If you want to add more to it, just engrave is initials on the watch, he will go nuts!


Braces, also called suspenders, are so underrated and many us forget how stylish they can be. Braces can go far and have a true impact to any gent’s outfit. If you want to get him braces… one, make sure that it fits his style and two, make sure you personalize the gift to his personality. You can find all kind braces from simple pattern braces to Superman braces. Look around and find the best one that would describe the person you are giving the gift to.

Wooden bowties

It sounds weird even just saying it… wooden bow ties can be the perfect gift for a gentleman. They are unique and it will definitely make a statement. Usually, the wooden pattern will catch people’s eyes and the middle can be customizable which puts the cherry on the top.

Let us know what do you think about these gift ideas. Was this list helpful?

Belal El Ghassein
Belal El Ghassein


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