Top 5 accessories for him

by Belal El Ghassein February 17, 2017

Top 5 accessories for him

The wardrobe is the reflection of someone’s personality. This is true for both genders. Women may have more clothes, and accessories but this doesn’t mean that men have less personality or less to express. In general, men are simply not that excited by fashion and accessories.

That being said, there are a few essential accessories for men that separate boys from men. It does not matter if you are a hippie, a t-shirt or a suits guy, these five accessories are mandatory for every modern man to have in the closet.  Your style doesn’t matter as long as you have these items in your wardrobe. These accessories will help you develop your style and build your wardrobe.


A watch can enhance or can destroy a look. If the watch is big and sparkly, it will take the attention away from your face and outfit. This will make the watch the most interesting thing about you. And let’s just face the facts here. If you show up anywhere and the most interesting thing about you is the watch...well…

On the other hand, a nice fitting watch can boost your overall look. This watch doesn’t need to be branded or expensive. A stylish brandless watch can do the trick, too. You don’t need ten watches, either. You need one that fits with most of your clothes. All you need is a watch that covers your empty wrist. Plus, it has the upside of showing the time, so you will not be late from your date ;)


Bracelets are becoming more of a fashion item for men, too. And when we say bracelets, we mean all kind of bracelets, not just gold and silver ones. A few decades ago, men would only consider wearing bracelets made from these precious stones but today simple bracelets such as ropes or stainless steel can be an essential part of one man’s look. A bracelet can be an alternative to the watch or it can complement it. It’s up to you what you make of it. You can choose from variety of bracelets: leather, nylon, wood, rubber, cord, metal, beaded gemstone, steel or other metals. The good news is that most bracelets are inexpensive, so you don’t need to sell your car to get this item in your wardrobe.


When it comes to scarves, one thinks that it’s only for women. WRONG!!! A stylish scarf can be the differentiator in the winter. If you live in a sunny and hot tropical place then this accessory is not for you. However, you can wear a lightweight scarf in the summer, too. A nice scarf can bring to life even a white T-shirt if used properly with other items and clothes. The choices here are endless, as well and you don’t need to max out your credit card.


A simple leather belt can add an extra dimension to your outfit. And most of the time you will need a belt anyway. An investment in a leather belt is a must for every man even if you go for high-quality. A belt will last for a long time, maybe for a lifetime, depending on the quality.  

We recommend black and dark brown belts because these colors can match with all your suits.


One may think that sunglasses are only for summer but you can wear them in the winter, too. It can protect you against the white luster of snow and if the sun comes out, they definitely come handy. Sunglasses come in different shape, size and price. Once again, you don’t need to go for the expensive brand. However, we suggest you select one that truly protects against the x-rays of the sun.   

We hope you liked our top five accessories for men. You don’t have to go and buy all of these items now to be fashionable. But when your wardrobe needs an update you should definitely look at these five accessories and select one that fits your style and wardrobe the best.

Belal El Ghassein
Belal El Ghassein


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