Guide to wearing bracelets

by Belal El Ghassein December 23, 2016

Guide to wearing bracelets

Bracelets are the evergreen accessory for both women and men. Bracelets come in all shapes and sizes and can be appropriate for almost any occasion. Depending on the bracelet type it can be a great accessory for everyday use or casual wear.

We prepared a guide for you so you will know more about bracelets and next tie when you choose one you will know a little bit more.

First of all, let’s see what type of bracelets there are.

Chain bracelets

This the most common type of bracelet you can find. It comes in different styles and designs. The most common chain bracelets are: beaded, mesh, byzantine, snake, rolo, Venetian/box, cable, rope and wheat. Basically, these are different ways of tying together the pieces. The material can differ also. It can be made out of any kind of metal ranging from silver, gold, platinum or diamond. Chain type bracelets are appropriate for formal events but you can wear them every day, too. It goes with almost any outfit.

Bangle bracelets

Bangle bracelets give more of a modern look. You can wear only one bangle which creates a shining yet discreet look. It draws attention to the wrist but it will not overwhelm. Or you can combine with other bangles and create a more eye-catching look. Multiple bangles will create a cordial sound. Just as chain bracelets it can be made out of many materials.   

Pearl bracelets

Last but not least, let’s take a look at pearl bracelets. These are the most traditional bracelets. Usually, these bracelets are made out of semi-precious gemstones, such as agate, amethyst or quartz stones. 

You can wear pearls with everything from cocktail dresses to jeans. As our motto goes: “Pearls are always appropriate”. If you really want to pump your look you can add a pearl necklace or earrings. The material is obviously pearl but watch out for fakes. There are a lot of cheap plastic materials that look alike pearls.

TIP: To tell if you are dealing with real pearls just rub it against your teeth (real teeth, not dental implants). If it’s a real pearl it will feel like rubbing sand against your teeth. Fake pearls feel perfectly smooth.

Bracelets as gifts

TIP: If you are buying a bracelet for someone make sure you measure one his/her older bracelets.

If you are looking to give a bracelet as a gift you should consider the size. Women sizes range from 16 cm - 27 cm. It depends if the person likes tight or loose bracelets. Men sizes can vary also. Bracelets size can vary between 19 cm - 28 cm.

If you do not have the chance to measure the wrist of the person we suggest to buy a ‘one-size-fits-all’ bracelet. We suggest leather bracelets with adjustable knots, bracelets with adjustable closure, bracelets with stretching elastic cords or C-shaped cuffs.

We hope you have a clearer picture about bracelets and next time you are buying you can make a better decision.

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Belal El Ghassein
Belal El Ghassein


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