A man's mini guide to wearing necklaces

by Belal El Ghassein April 28, 2017

A man's mini guide to wearing necklaces

First of all, we established that men wear necklaces and wear all kind of necklaces. Just as necklaces, bracelets can be a piece of jewelry that accentuates a man’s outfit.

Obviously, cultural differences may or may not judge a man wearing bracelets. In some countries, like Europe is quite common that men wear bracelets. However, in a “manly man” state of Texas, USA, a watch would suffice on the wrist. Otherwise, it will raise eyebrows and attract unwanted attention.

As we live in a global world and trends are global, men wearing bracelets is not uncommon. Still, when it comes to men accessories, bracelets are not the first thing in the jewelry box.

So, we prepared this short guide for men to help them when it comes to bracelets. Fundamentally, every needs to answer three questions:

Why? What? How?

Why should a man wear a bracelet?

With start with why because we think this the most important one. Once you figure out to why you want to a bracelet then you can think of what and how.

There could many reasons behind wearing a bracelet. In some cases, it can represent status and wealth (e.g. gold bracelets). In other cases, it can be just an accessory that goes well with the outfit. As we mentioned before, in some cultures man bracelets are unusual or uncommon. If you wear one to an event then it can be a great conversation starter. It gives that little bit of extra attention that might start a great a relationship. If you go the beach there is not much jewelry you can bring along. A bracelet can be the perfect solution to replace that watch on your wrist.

What bracelet can a man wear?

Now, that we know the why, we can get into what type of bracelets can go for a man. For starters, you don’t need any special education in fashion to recognize bracelets that go for men. Thin metal bands with precious stones are exclusively for women. Pretty much the other type of bracelets goes for males, as well. But here are a few that are the most common for menswear.

The bangle

Women love to wear this type of bracelet, as well. Obviously, men bangles are more solid and thicker. They can vary a lot and you have a lot of options. The style is the same though, one solid metal with a hinge opening, so you can slide it on your wrist. Usually, it goes with some sort of a formal outfit such as a tuxedo or a shirt.

The rope

It can be a single rope or a string but multiple cords combined are common, as well. The material can vary from leather to a more classic woven band. Thickness size varies and the good news is you can combine it with slender one to create a nice effect.

Leather cuffs

These are not just for rock and roll fans! It can be a stylish accessory to accompany your leisure wear such as jeans.

Metal bracelets

These are the usual suspects in men’s fashion. Silver, gold, white gold, stainless steel link bracelets are the most classic and most common. Link sizes, weight, thickness, karats all vary and it really depends on you which style fits your taste. These are made for everyday use so it goes with all kind of outfits.

Gemstone bracelets

Not the usual style for men but in some countries like India, gemstone bracelets are a tradition. Of course, not all gemstones are for men but there is a handful that fit men’s style and taste.

How to wear bracelets?

Finally, how to wear a bracelet… Now that you decided why you want a bracelet and what you want, it’s time talk about how should you wear your bracelet. The simplest and easiest way to explain this is to treat bracelets like a wristwatch.

One wrist equipped is more than enough. You should wear it under your sleeves, on the skin, not flashing it. It is part of your overall outfit, not the icing on the cake.

We hope this short guide helped and you can select a bracelet for your next outfit.

Gentlemen, here is the question for you: Do you wear bracelets?

Belal El Ghassein
Belal El Ghassein


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