5 must have necklaces for ladies

by Belal El Ghassein January 07, 2017

5 must have necklaces for ladies

Wearing a simple necklace will boost your look and outfit. Necklaces are old as time, well almost. Necklaces were worn by Romans and Greeks in ancient times. This proves that necklaces are evergreen accessories for ladies.

We put together a list of 5 necklace types that are essential for any modern woman. If you have these necklaces in your jewelry box you are safe and ready to go all the time.

So, here are our top 5 necklace recommendations:

  1. Layered Necklaces

Layered necklace

If you are a woman who loves accessories then layered necklace is a must. These types of necklaces come in double layers, triple layers, and even multiple layers. The choice is yours. They can have pendants or beads incorporated which will help you fire up your outfit. We suggest wearing layered necklaces with plain, one-colored outfits to add a little funk to the look. Check out our double and triple layered necklaces. We have models with pendants, rings, coins, feathers, and beads. See more here: Layered necklaces by Pearl in Oyster.

  1. Choker necklaces
choker necklace

The second necklace you should definitely have in your artillery is the choker necklace. It sounds aggressive but we promise that these necklaces have nothing to do with violence. It has to do with fashion. Usually, chokers are worn with formal dresses like evening and bridal gowns. But if you want an instant impact just wear a choker with jeans and a T-shirt. Choker necklaces are usually between 14-16 inches (35-40 cm) in length and can be made out of different materials such as chain, beads or ribbons. We suggest to wear them with off shoulder gowns and low-neck dresses.

  1. Pendant necklaces
pearl pendant pearl in oyster specialty

Pendant necklaces are classy. It is one the most common necklaces. It can be made out of gold, silver, or cheaper metals. The most interesting feature of these type of necklaces are the pendants, which can vary in style, as well. The pendant can be a precious stone, a pearl or just priceless metal that makes it unique. The size of the pendant can vary, as well. It really depends on what kind of impact you are trying to make. The good news is you can wear them occasionally with dresses or daily with almost any kind of top and T-shirt. Pearl in Oyster has unique pendant necklaces which have a pearl inside the pendant. Look at this video on how we do it:

For more check out our store: Pearl In Oyster Signature Necklaces   

  1. Matinee necklaces
matinee necklace

Number four on our list is the matinee. As the pendant necklaces, matinee necklaces can go long way, too. It can be worn casually or with formal dresses. Matinee necklaces are mid-length, usually between 22-23 inches (56-58 cm). The most common matinee is made out of a single strand which goes with any outfit.

  1. Opera necklaces
opera necklace double triple

Last but not least, opera necklaces make our top 5. The main reason it makes the cut is the dramatic look it can give. Most women want to add that little extra to the outfit and this is the accessory that can provide it. The usual length of an opera necklace is between 30-35 inches (75-90 cm). It’s commonly used as a double loop around the neck which gives a nice touch to the bare neck and the lower layer sits below the chest.

So, these are our top tips for necklaces. If you have these necklaces in your possession you can show up everywhere for any kind of event.

Which one is missing from your jewelry box?

P.S. Did we miss something? Let us know what type of necklaces you wear.

Belal El Ghassein
Belal El Ghassein


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