3 must have bracelets for ladies

by Belal El Ghassein February 24, 2017

3 must have bracelets for ladies

Bracelets are indispensable accessories for the modern woman. More so, women wore bracelets in ancient times, as well. For example, in ancient Egypt, one of the most fashionable jewelry were bracelets. Royalties wore semi-precious gemstones and metal while farmers replaced these unattainable objects with stones, animal bones or shells. We can surely say that bracelets were and still are fashion items ladies just can’t get enough of.

Knowing this information, we give you three bracelets we think every woman should have in her jewelry box.

1. The bangle bracelet

These bracelets can be thin or thick and you can wear them to make an impression or just to have something on your wrist. Bangles are like large rings that can slip over your hand onto to your wrist. If you are trying to showcase and make an impression you can opt for a thick bangle (first image). Whatever the reason may be, it’s good to have a bangle bracelet among your pieces of jewelry. It’s easy to put on and it goes well with a variety of outfits.

bangles for her

Here we would mention cuff bracelets which are very similar to bangles. The only difference is that cuff bracelets have an opening which helps one to put on the item.

  1. The charm bracelet

Charm bracelets have one or more charms attached to it. This little charm can be a pendant, a stone or a pearl. This charm can mean something personal to the owner of the bracelet or could bear just decorative purpose. One can have a charm bracelet for everyday wear or just for special occasions. Either way, a charm bracelet is a must for any women.

  1. The gemstone bracelet

Gemstones bracelets, as the name suggests, are made out of gemstones and semi-precious stones. The stones can vary in size and color. Moreover, gemstones have specific powers and physiological meanings that can help the owner. We an abundant guide to semi-precious stones that consists of three parts. You can read more about it here.

So, how did you like our to three bracelets for her? We think all women should have these in their arsenal. These bracelets are super affordable. You do not need to show off with gold, diamond or silver. If you have these you can easily match them with your outfits and go out for any event. 

Belal El Ghassein
Belal El Ghassein


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